Kaylene Maalste – Artist style #2

Inspiration – My second quilt was inspired by Franz Marc’s “Yellow Cow”. So i decided my cat would be yellow and active, and also placed in a landscape.

Method. Except for the “flowers” I selected colours for the background and cat from batik fabrics. These were hand appliqued on a plain cotton background. I decided that my cat would be a home playing amongst flowers. I rough cut the flowers from plain and patterned fabrics and hand embroidered these to the background.

  1. carolinehiggs

    I love the vibrancy of this piece. Great choice of fabrics and wonderful stitching. The link to the Yellow Cow is very evident. Well done!

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    Your quilt is an explosion of colour ! Like the yellow cow of Franz Marc, the yellow cat in the middle of this colourful landscape is very present !

  3. studiociboulette

    What a clever idea, I love your energy and colors in the quilt. Bravo!

  4. Maryte Collard

    The background fabrics make your piece very vibrant and goes well with the yellow cat. Well done!

  5. This is such a happy yellow cat. I love the flowers. Very colourful and vibrant piece. Bravo.

  6. So colorful and vivid! Love all the great colors and your yellow cat almost looks like Marc’s yellow cow. Lovely stitching.

  7. I really like the interpretation of the work and of course the execution as expressed in your work. great colors and beautiful stitching..

  8. joanbrailsford

    I can see the way that your cat has taken the place of the cow, and it really looks as though it is toying with the flowers in its ‘nest’. Lovely colours and stitching. Well done

  9. I love this playful cat among the flowers. The link to the yellow cow is clear and the hand stitching really enhances the bright colours in the fabrics.

  10. A joyful, colorful and whimsical interpretation and composition. Great choices of fabrics, colors and stitching. Well done!

  11. A lovely use of color and interpretation of Marc’s style. I particularly like the field of circles the cat is posed in.

  12. This is a great interpretation of the yellow cow. I like the idea of changing it into a cat. Like cows are dancing when they first are outside, your cat is also dancing between the flowers.

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