Els Mommers – Elements: PACHAMAMA

Artist Statement: ELEMENTS: Pachamama.

During our travels in South America I was always very impressed by the devotion of the Andean people for PACHAMAMA, the indigenous name for Mother Earth. Pachamama is the highest divinity of the Andean people since she is concerned with fertility, plenty, the feminine, generosity and ripening crops, besides providing protection.

Since Earth is one of the four elements I choose to make a tribute to Pachamama for this theme. On the internet I found several logos that depict Pachamama. From there I drew my own design.

Pachamama is made of hand dyed fabric. Yellowish for daytime on one side, brownish for the other side: the night. Sun and moon for the breasts and the womb for fertility. The circle is covered with rainbow organza and stitched onto hand dyed blue fabric. In the four corners are birds, a butterfly, flowers and fishes. The whole piece is covered with black tulle and free motion quilted with a stone design. The headdress is embellished with small green beads




  1. Beautiful Els, a great interpretation!

  2. An element of Mother Earth what a great idea and the interpretation is marvellous with the flowers, fish, birds and butterfly. I like the subtle change to the background fabric with the rainbow organza. Beautiful quilting pattern.

  3. This is beautiful Els, well interpreted and linked with your travelling

  4. I love the symbolism and colours of this piece, well done.

  5. joanbrailsford

    A very clever piece which certainly brings together all the elements in a thoughtful and effective way. Your depiction of the deity is wonderful

  6. Els, this is really your quilt! The symbolism and the memory to your traveling. Beautiful details.

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