Caro Higgs – Series #4

For my fourth quilt I have tried adding some colour but kept the same pattern and form while somewhat changing the scale. I used a commercial cotton print as the foundation to add some muted colour then double printed the motif (with a lino cut ). The first attempt wasn’t forceful enough so I over-printed with a metallic which gives a slightly mottled, aged look. The motifs were then machine quilted around the print line. The circle and square were then cut in a non-woven and hand-quilted in to place with a matching thread so that it didn’t show.

The idea I have had for all these pieces is to take one subject and run with it to see how it evolves, it has been a great experience and it has really helped me to move the idea forwards. Conscious also that I tend to work with tern colours I have been looking for ways to subtly add colour to my work, I feel this works in the series because the motifs and forms have only changed in size there is still something in ‘common’ with each piece.

Close up View:







Quilt in Series- Motifs



  1. Caro you are certainly developing your series and this one like all others is a progression of your motif and the addition of colour is subtle I do like the partial border it gives depth to the circle. Bravo

  2. A very interesting evolution of your motif; I like the off center circle and the delicate introduction of colour.

  3. I like your use of the commercial print as a foundation and that it blends in so nicely with your linocut pattern. The introducing of color is a welcoming surprise in your serie. Love it.

  4. The motif you are using in this series is lovely on its own but has really worked well as a repeat design here. I like the use of a printed background too.

  5. I like the changing of the scale of both patterns: the motif as well as the circle. The use of the commercial fabric works very good in this piece. Lovely!

  6. I like the way that your series if evolving, and the way that you have used your main pattern. It is indeed interesting how a change in scale can make the work so different from piece to piece. I think that although you have added colour in this piece, it harmonises with the basic colours you have already used.

  7. Caro you have obviously put a lot of thought into this piece, with the change in scale of the motif and the subtle increase in colour. The use of a delicate print has worked very well. I look forward to the final piece.

  8. The asymmetrical design and the added touch of a delicate transparent colored fabric is an interesting evolution to your theme. Well done.

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