Sonia Ruiz – Artist style #5

Inspiration: Frida Kahlo’s life and paintings depict so much pain, suffering and hopelessness that for this challenge I wanted to combine two of her paintings “Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird 1940” and “The Wounded Deer 1946” and give it a more uplifting feel.

Here I depicted Frida as Mother Earth – symbolizing femininity, nature, growth, new life, and groundedness. Since this is also the time of migrating Monarch butterflies to Mexico, I added Monarch butterflies to represent strength, endurance, spirituality, trust, transformation and evolution. The roots are connecting and intertwined with what she loved, the blue cactus represent her Casa Azul. I also added stylized antlers with shades of blue flowers blooming representing hope and new beginnings.

Materials: hand dyed cotton bed linen, commercial fabrics, gauze for the mountains, a used dryer sheet for the moon and sun, blue organza cactus representing Casa Azul, 3 D fringed yard, machine embroidery, free motion quilting, raw edge appliqué and crystal earrings, hand dyed raffia for the roots, photo transfer, acrylic paints, DMC embroidery floss from my mother’s collection for the French knots and cactus thorns.


Detail views:





  1. Truly amazing it is as if I was looking at the painting. Bravo

  2. studiociboulette

    Beautiful piece Sonia. I love your lively interpretation of the painting. Fantastic attention to detail Gorgeous!

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    So many details in this one ! I especially like the antlers with flowers representing hope ! her life was so dramatic !

  4. That’s a nice addition to your series. So many details and every detail has a meaning. I admire your work as well as Frida’s.

  5. You are the master of transferring Frida into textiles, bravo!

  6. What a lot of detail! There is so much to see here and to read into the design. I particularly like the butterflies.

  7. Wonderful. Great job . I really appreciate the stitching and the many details
    in your work.

  8. How I love all the details and the multiple symbolism. The very pretty butterflies are such a great addition. Lots to see in this beautiful work!

  9. There’s a a wonderful attention to detail in your quilt. The handwork is exquisitely done.

  10. A great addition to your series with such attention to detail. A great piece of work, well done.

  11. This piece is full of symbolism and detail which work really well together to form a beautiful design. As always your stitching is wonderful. well done

  12. What an amazing addition to your series. This piece is wonderful. I keep looking at all the details and love the symbolism that is in it. The butterflies put a smile on my face. Bravo, bravo!

  13. So many details and all those different materials!!! Wauw!

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