Paola Zanda – Country – Architecture

Piazza Grande – Locarno

The theme “Architecture” has been a difficult choice to do because of the variegated offers of Switzerland. You have renowned Architects like Le Corbusier or Mario Botta, the different construction styles from the regions as the wood chalets or the stones houses. The decision was hard. The news about Covid-19 will bring me to the Piazza Grande of Locarno. This place is well known for its Film Festival and international concerts. Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Elton John and many others have played in this fascinating place. “Simple Minds” in the inner part of their LP “Live in the city of light” have inserted a splendid photo of their concert in Piazza Grande.
I drew the square from a photo and painted it with pigments, fabric colours, and acrylic ink.
For the quilting, I have created a design starting from the cross of the Swiss flag. I have used white for the cross and red for the rest of the quilting. I have used calico cotton and machine quilted with embroidery thread.

  1. Beautiful design, your hand painting is to congratulated, something I have not tried with any success. I liked your idea of using the Swiss flag in your quilting design. Bravo

  2. Lovely work, beautifully painted to catch the ambiance of Locarno. There are so many small details and the way of quilting is really clever giving a reminder that it is Switzerland. Lovely work, well done.

  3. Maryte Collard

    So much attention to details- I don’t know how you can do that on such a small piece. I can feel the glory of the place. Bravo.

  4. Beautiful architecture perfectly translated into fabric, great job!

  5. studiociboulette

    Beautiful quilt Paola. So many details in the design, and very clever way to integrate Switzerland in the quilting.

  6. Very nice the way you described the structure and the use of color and pigments. great

  7. Beautiful piece Paola ! I especially like your choice of integrating the cross of the Swiss flag in your quiilting ! Your painting is lovely and you give so many details ! Bravo !

  8. joanbrailsford

    Beautiful piece with such sharp outlines and accurate painted elements that one could almost be in the square. The use of the cross from the flag is an inspired way to quilt. Well done

  9. What a marvellous piece! You must be an expert at drawing. I do not know the place but your quilt exudes the richness of the architecture and the colouring is exquisite. How clever to use the flag as your quilt design! Bravo!

  10. Very nice, I am intrigued by the details you have included. The quilt motif is a perfect choice.

  11. What a beautiful piece Paola. I love how you even painted all the tables and chairs on the terraces. Such unbelievable precise work with all the windows and balconies . It is just incredible Bravo.

  12. It’s amazing Paola! Love all the details in the facade, the balconies and the plaza. It looks like a post card. Well done!

  13. Your painting has so many details! Lovely. It must be nice to visit a concert at this beautiful piazza grande.

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