Susan Hill – Monochromatic – Autumn

As autumn slides into winter, the matted leaves and needles and twigs that accumulate in shallow woodland pools appear to die. But they don’t; their life moves underwater, preparing for the rebirth of spring.

Commercial batik fabrics and unbleached muslin. Fused and hand-quilted.

Susan hill


Close up View:


  1. Your hand quilting is very Kantha-like in this piece…and your selection of fabrics to ‘fussy cut’ for the leaves is spot on. 🙂

  2. Beautiful handquilting. Indeed very kantha-like

  3. You have been so brave to fussy cut such lovely batiks, one of my favourite patterned fabrics. It is indeed a lovely piece of work.

  4. A brave use of colour and hand quilting. I love the ripple effect of the quilting. Cheers

  5. A lovely autumnal feel to this piece, great use of fabric and stitch.

  6. Batik fabrics are always nice to use. Nice handquilting.

  7. This is full of impact and the choice of fabrics is prefect. I love your kantha-style quilting

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