Maryte Collard – A

Inspiration: again, as I said many times before, I will continue on the same path for all letters, by using the letter itself as the main design element.

The same fabric and hand stitching are used for the letter. Letter A is reaching  the edge of the quilt at four points. Hope this will help to make an additional  design, when I put all 6 quilts together.

Everything is done using my favourite techniques: machine piecing, dense machine quilting and hand stitching.

Letter A is as dear to me as letter M. It is the first letter of my maiden name Arlauskaite.

All quilts together:



  1. bravo maryte!!

  2. I really like the colouring of this one; all your pieces fit together so well to create a really obvious series. The letter shapes and their hand-stitch as well as the three little squares on each piece really pull them together despite the changing colour palettes, well done!

  3. As all the previous letters, your A is so full of joy and light. And the whole set looks fabulous!

  4. Another elegant letter ! I like your choice of warm colours for this last one. All the letters together make an outstanding collection !

  5. Another beautifully quilted and colourful quilt and compliments your series. bravo

  6. This is another outstanding quilt. Your choice of colours is always spot on and the quilting is exquisite. You have made a beautiful series where all six quilts really speak to each other.
    Well done!

  7. Your last piece is as beautiful as the other ones. Now I notice each quilt has his own different patchwork technique. The colors and three squares in each quilt connects them all together. Bravo!!!

  8. Colours and composition are again beautiful. I really love your series and the three little squares are such a nice element that brings it all together. Awesome.

  9. Your chosen color palette is most soothing and the little diamonds add visual interest. The extensive quilting is wonderful!

  10. I love the colours you have used throughout your series and this piece is no exception. It harmoniously with the rest of the series and brings it to a beautoful close. Well done

  11. I love the colours you have used throughout this series. This final piece is just as lovely as the rest and they look so good all together.

  12. What a fun and colorful end to your series! They remind me of a rubrics cube, no matter how you move them around it makes a new design. Well done Maryte!

  13. Your series look great all together and you managed to stay to your design very well, changing the colours every time. Love the way you can play with the order of the different quilts and keep your lines going. Well done Maryte!

  14. An excellent series, which has been studied in all the smallest details to be able to combine the six quilts in various ways and all beautiful. I really like your use of colours. Really a nice job. Congratulations!

  15. studiociboulette

    Beautiful series, your colors are exquisite. I love your combination of machine and hand quilting. Bravo

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