Margaret Horton – Out for a Spin

Considering I chose the theme for our 7th quilt, it has caused me much anxiety.  The quilt being shown is actually my second attempt under this theme, the first being consigned to the recycle basket, and hopefully it will not resurface any time soon.

Because I was struggling to ‘come up with something’ I resorted to looking in the dictionary for the definition of rhythm and so, with the help of the little black book and my husband, ‘Out for a Spin’ was born.  I took the definition – ‘repeated pattern of sound or movement’ and then enjoyed the experience of designing my piece.

The mannequin shape is one I have used before and I find it very useful, both in size and contour; large enough to show up and small enough to be repeated many times in one piece, thus giving a sense of Rhythm.

As previously stated, I have used these quilts to experiment, and this time I have hand quilted the background in a very rhythmic way and loved not having to think about what I was doing, just enjoying the process of stitching.

I think, if time permitted, I could have presented a better piece of work, but sometimes we just have to get on with it and not fuss too much.

Out for a Spin Margaret H

Close Up View:

Marg H

  1. I suspected these were mannequins…but they bear a resemblance to hands I’ve seen on some clock faces, or on spinners that come with board games. Great fun!

  2. I enjoyed your interpretation of the theme and the use of color.

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