Bella Kaplan – Artist style #1

The challenge this time was challenging because we had to choose an artist and also the subject. I was a little disappointed that there was no the same subject for everyone so I decided to take Georgia O’Keefe an artist  that I really like, and to play with flowers, I chose the Hibiscus and I am getting ready to engage in this topic.

Georgia O’Keeffe  was born in Wisconsin 1887. She became famous as an artist in New York in 1916. Among her works are large-format paintings of enlarged flowers, displayed up close as if they are visible through a magnifying glass, as well as enlarged views of landscapes (mountains, rocks) and bones or skulls. Many of her works are interpreted as representing Ionic symbols, representations of the female genitalia.

The quilt is cotton fabric, hand dyed, fussed, machine quilted.

Detail view:

  1. Great choice of artist. I love this bright and vibrant hibiscus, and I look forward to seeing your series!

  2. I love Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings this is a beautiful choice of colour and materials for your flower. Cheers

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    I must confess that I don’t know her work very well but your first piece is really impressive ! I look forward to seeing what is coming next !

  4. I discovered Georgia O’Keefe in 2016 at the Tate Modern in London. I was fascinated by her colours and shapes. You have been able to reproduce this hibiscus so well. Keep it up! Bravo.

  5. Love Georgia O’Keeffe works that I saw in a museum in Santa Fe, not far from where she lived in New Mexico. Your hibiscus quilt is completely in line with her large flower works, the colours are beautiful and you have also captured that vague sensuality present in her flower paintings. Very well done!

  6. Beautiful shapes and colours in your flower. I don’t know this artist’s work but, having done some research, I can see how your piece reflects her style.

  7. We have hibiscus flowers all around us and I love your interpretation. Your hand dyed fabrics add to the beautiful result of this piece. I admire Georgia O’Keefe work a lot and this flower perfectly reflects her style. Looking very much forward to the rest of your series.

  8. I don’t really know much about Georgia O’Keefe work, only remember the name. I love flowers and your hibiscus is beautiful. Love the details and texture.

  9. A very colourful and intricate depiction of the hibiscus flower, and you have made beautiful use of your fabrics and stitches to give the flower its details. Great work

  10. I greatly admire the work of Georgia O’Keefe and have visited both her museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico and a ranch also in NM where she spent a lot of time. She was greatly influenced by her natural surroundings. Your work is a good representation of one of her favorite subjects.

  11. Such an impressing piece. The colors are very well chosen. I love your quilting. I wonder how a bigger piece with your hand-dyed fabrics would be. Must be great!

  12. O’Keeffe’s aim was to distinguish herself from her contemporary male artists by producing paintings that would seem both audaciously sexual and innately feminine. Well done, beautifully interpreted Bella!

  13. Very interesting take on O’Keef, can’t wait for more!

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