Eke Krug – Monoprint – Lace-like Reflection

Artist Statement: MONOPRINT: Lace-like Reflection

Monoprint is the subject for this challenge. The first time that I will share an art quilt, as a new member of the group.                                                                                                    Of course there was a lot of thinking, before I started with my experiments on fabric. The thought of making a print just one time is a bit terrifying, and also the question, what is it, that I want to create.

First I made three layers for the background. Two piece of cloth stuck on Tyvek, shrunken, and pressed into the paint. Afterwards, I removed the fabric from the Tyvek. The third layer is a ghost print, made with the remaining paint on my acrylic plate.

I decided to make a combination of this three layers, sew them together, and made another print on top of them. This one is made with the technique called ‘dendritic monoprinting’.

Because all my prints had the effect of lace, I choose for a little machine quilting and a lot of hand quilting/embroidery. In the middle of the quilt are three coloured waves, from the left to the right. I used Inktense pencils from Derwent, in combination with textile medium to make them. Another print on the bottom of my quilt, which I added in a later stadium, gives it the balance I was looking for.

Material:           Percale cotton, print pasta, fabric paint, Inktense pencils, textile medium,  embroidery yarn.

Techniques:      Monoprint, hand embroidery, machine quilting.

The making process, with a lot of photos, is on my blog Kleurdesign


Close up View:








  1. English quilter

    I love the effects you achieved with the printing and hand embroidery. The coloring and delicate lines are very effective. I will have to look up dendritic monoprinting.

  2. Love the colours and all the layers that you created. Lovely lot of beautiful had work as well.
    I will have to look up dendritic mono printing aswell

  3. I very much like the hand-stitched accents which are so subtle, and which echo the printing perfectly.

  4. I’m really impressed by the hand stitching !
    The layers you created are very effective.

  5. I love the way you have brought all the techniques together and the effect of the hand stitching is wonderful.

  6. The layers of printing are really effective and the colours are wonderful. The hand stitching works perfectly with the printing and adds a wonderful finishing touch

  7. This is such a creative piece of work. I love it. The handquilting/embroidery makes it so special and enhances the colors and the structure.

  8. I am trying to add to the other comments your work is very innovative and has pushed monoprinting to another level. Bravo

  9. Thank you all, for leaving comments on my monoprint piece. I worked on it with a lot of pleasure and I am glad to work in these challenges with you.

  10. The effect of the dendritic printing is great. I have read about the technique, now I must try it.

  11. What a beautiful piece! I looked at a YouTube film about dendretic painting and that is something I will try, stunning results!
    The hand embrodery gives your quilt an extra lace effect.

  12. You word to my technique collection and what a treat to the senses ,beautiful effect .

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