Kaylene Maalste – Music

Power of Music

Inspiration: As a child I studied music and music theory, which I enjoyed very much. To me music can inspire and create different moods. It is the latter that inspired my quilt design, I wanted to express the power of music.

My quilt depicts the power of music – it can be bubbly, strong and also calming. I chose black and white fabrics to express the emotions. The technique was abstract log cabin piecing.  I fused different music  symbols on the quilt after straight-line quilting the top with variegated thread.


Close up view:

Music 1

  1. Really powerful, musical artwork!

  2. Very interesting idea and the contrast of black and white really sounds like a powerful crescendo.

  3. Very effective, love the variation of the power of music, at times calm and at others frantic. Lovely.


    Using black and white is a very good choice and the contrast between the abstract composition and the music symbols gives a real power to your piece.

  5. Black and white and the log cabin methode, ingredients you do not expect when you think of music, but the way you put them together gives a very nice sound, bravo!

  6. The notes swirling around a log cabin block are a wonderful and creative way to tie music and quilting together.

  7. studiociboulette

    The abstract log cabin is the movement of music in the quilt. I find your quilt very powerful and the black and white symbolizes the music sheet to me. Beautiful!

  8. The choice of black and white fabric and the way that the log cabin is worked really gives a feeling of movement and reminds me of dancing to the music. Well worked and beautiful

  9. A very dramatic piece. The abstract log cabin works well here and the black applique adds to the drama.

  10. You created a very strong and interesting piece by just using black and white and the log cabin. I agree with you that music can create different moods. Bravo.

  11. The use of only black and white fabrics is a great choice for the music theme. You created a strong piece, Kaylene.

  12. Your use of black and white fabrics and the composition of the abstract log cabin pattern creates a sense of movement and vibration to the melody and rhythm that is music. Well done!

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