Joan Brailsford – Artist style #5

Tunstall church

My inspiration for the next in my series is a local church which has always intrigued me because of its unusual architecture, It has four copper domes on the roof which seem to highlight the fact that the rest of the building is very dark and imposing. The church is next to the park, whose bright open spaces emphasise this contrast.

I used a little artistic license in my depiction by changing the shape of the domes slightly and making some of the architectural features more obvious. I also moved the park surrounding nearer to the building. The domes are made from dyed abaca tissue, and the remainder is made from assorted hand dyed fabrics. The windows and door are appliqued to the background, and all the shapes surrounding these features, as well as the other design features, are added by hand using chain stitch. For the quilting I used mainly machine stitch, but followed the lines already created by the chain stitch so that the quilting is mainly invisible.

Detail views:


Original pictures:



  1. I love this interpretation, great use of colour and the texture of the hand stitch brings the piece alive. Fantastic work well done.

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    Your transformation of the building are reaaly in the style of Hundertwasser ! The addition of chain stitch gives texture and shows your craftmanship ! bravo !

  3. Joan a great use of colour and design, love the details in the windows and door. Bravo

  4. studiociboulette

    This is incredibly beautiful, I love the colors, the stitching and the composition. Beautiful Joan!

  5. What an incredible piece! Design, colors and stitching are very impressive. Bravo, Joan!

  6. You have successfully transferred the object to your work. I really like the colors and the details you used and the stitching work.

  7. Your quilt very effectively shows how imposing that church is. You have succeeded in making the domes very Hundertwasser. Windows and door are beautifully done. Great use of color. A beautiful piece!

  8. Love it, how you use Hundertwasser’s ideas to look at your surroundings, beautifl piece!

  9. What a fascinating building. You’ve highlighted the unusual architecture by adding Hunderwasser’s colours and cleverly stitched details.

  10. This is a beautiful piece and appears to glow from within.

  11. I so admire how every time you are able to transfer your local surroundings into a beautiful Hundertwasser inspired piece. Beautiful colors and stitching.

  12. You have transformed this dark imposing church and made it look as though it is all lit up and full of life. Stunning, well done!

  13. Only you can transform such a dark church into a Hundertwasser! Your handstitching is incredableas usual. I love it!

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