Susan Slesinger – Series#5 – From Blueprint to Building

I wanted to sum up the architecture series by showing how a building can be conceived, and the documents used to build it.  

Initially, architects have different ways of creating their vision for a building.  Some will start with very rough pencil sketches, while others will start with neat drawings or paintings.  Some, such as Frank Gehry create 3 dimensional models, and make changes on the models before creating drawings.  No matter how an architect conceives their project, most government authorities and construction companies eventually want blueprints to review the building and its details.  Some pages of blueprints give overall information such as floor plans and building elevations, while other pages contain construction details.  In former times all blueprints were hand drawn.  Today many architects still create their plans by hand, while others use computer assisted design software, or even 3D design software such as that used by Frank Gehry’s firm.

Techniques:  photo-transfer onto cotton sateen,  painting. machine applique, machine quilting

Materials: Commercially printed cotton fabrics, digital cotton fabric, Tsukineko ink, cotton batting, Invisifil, 100 wt silk and 40wt cotton threads.

Close up View:



Quilts in the Series:




  1. A different view: I would like to have seen a close up of the photo, have you added fabrics to it? I can’t quite see. An interesting way to draw an end to your series.

  2. It is always interesting to see how architects are working on a project and it is a good idea to represent both plans and the building on your last piece.

  3. This is a good final piece of your series. Well done. I wished you told us more about the techniques you used.

  4. Well done to think about depicting the architectural thought.

  5. I like the idea of your series but I like the first four pieces more. You left the technique of building the edifices and gave us a print of them instead. I would have liked to see the same technique in the final piece as well. Still I think the series came together well.

  6. I enjoy reading your statement and I think you did a great job summing up your series with blueprint elements. Very thoughtful. Well done, Susan.

  7. I love the inclusion of the blueprints in this piece, and I think that this is indeed a fitting close to your series. The angular quilting lines are also reminiscent of technical drawing and finish the piece very well. Well done

  8. Interesting to see how you managed to create buildings in fabric. This last piece looks more like you used photos and is different from the other four, but it is a tribute to architects all over the world, leaving us speechless with the buildings they create. Nice series.

  9. A nice way to end your series of beautiful architectural work. It has been interesting to follow you on your search for very interesting buildings. Well done.

  10. An interesting and fitting final piece. I am always impressed by the vision needed to design something as complex as a building. Food for thought.

  11. All your pieces have different views. This is the perfect ending of your series, the vision of designing and then completing the work.

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