Diana Vincent – Nature’s Colours

To me nature is colour. In every day life you see colour in the sky, earth, trees, flowers etc. As my greatest passion, other than quilting, is my garden this just had to be the subject of my Nature quilt.
Hand dyed fabric and crystal organza, layered to form base. Hand dyed whole cloth top layer. Reverse applique cut away to reveal flowers and leaves. Hand and machine embroidery. Beading. Machine quilted. The dragonfly was given to me by my granddaughter, and I thought it apt to put on a nature quilt.



Close up View:


  1. English quilter

    Gorgeous. I love the way you stitched around the flowers.

  2. marginmirror

    I too am intrigued by your applique…which at first I thought was done by hand…but now I am not so sure. It adds a wonderfully ‘lacy’ edge to the flowers.

  3. Glad you liked it ladies. The flowers are all machine stitched, some of the leaves are by hand and some by machine.

  4. joanbrailsford

    I also think that your stitching is wonderful. It really adds colour and interest to your flowers

  5. Hello Diana, I am trying to reach you. Could you email me pl ? snowpass@hotmail.com
    Love your work, by the way !

    Thank you,

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