Paola Zanda – Series #1 – Black and white Once upon a time…





Once upon a time…

The memory of my mother and my grandmother who worked with these fascinating and highly decorated sewing machines inspired this work. Machines that as a child has encouraged me to choose the profession of the dressmaker and creative art teacher.

I used fancy commercial fabrics and solid black or white fabrics.
The sewing machine is made of appliqué by machine.
The deck is made with a variation of the free-hand log cabin.
Everything was quilted by machine with white wire for the upper part and black for the lower part. This is to give structure to the quilt and not to influence the design of the fabrics.

Used material:

Fancy fabrics and solid white and black fabrics.
Black and white cotton thread.


Old Sewing machine, black and white, fifteen by fifteen, challenge series.

  1. Love it, you have applied so much detail to the design that it truly pops, hope you are pleased. Bravo

  2. carolinehiggs

    Lovely, great use of fabrics and attention to detail, I love the way the machine is actually stitching…. Great choice of subject.

  3. I love your choice of fabrics : like needles for the background and the one for the sewing machine makes it so real ! Well done !

  4. My first thought was also: the needles for the background are well chosen. As well as the fabric for the machine. It is almost magic how a black yarn becomes white when it is stitched, ha, ha. A beautiful piece!

  5. What a wonderful subject and quilt. I like the freehand logcabin you used for the deck and especially the needle background. Very effective. Bravo!

  6. Fantastic work. Beautiful use of the negative space. Wonderful!

  7. joanbrailsford

    What a beautiful piece, and it reminds me too of the old sewing machine that my mother used, and that was passed down to me. Everything about the design is perfect. I love it

  8. Cool concept. I like it very much! Well done.

  9. Love all the detail, especially the machine sewing through the fabric, made me smile!
    Well done Paola.

  10. Very interesting quilt, especially the combinations of techniques you used to create it. Wonderful subject too, old sewingmacines are eye-catching and your is coming forward in your quilt, lovely work Paola!

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