Caro Higgs – Recycle – After the Storm

This was not easy as I like to work with a ‘subject’; that said I went to my fabric stash to see what I had which could be used, I found an old silk cushion cover which I had dyed which I liked. Then came the thought processes, I even found the backing fabric and there I found my inspiration. It was an old sample of curtain fabric from a high range designer, not sure which because there was no name on the fabric but think it is Pierre Frey, and the design on the back inspired me. I have used part of the printed design and recycled it to produce my picture while at the same time keeping within my ‘trees’. The Silk represents a stormy sky, the storm has passed and now the forest is glistening with drops of water and the birds are preening. The storm was violent and some branches have been broken while leaves, berries and parasitical plants are still hanging on. The colour of the birds was inspired by the starlings I saw in Kenya who are iridescent blue. The piece is bound with a cotton fabric which was dyed in the same batch. This piece has travelled widely, it was stitched in the aeroplane and in Kenya and also filled in some time in Maastricht!

The course silk fabric is snow dyed with Procion dyes, the design was transfer via organza which was then for the most part cut away after I had chain stitched the outlines. I add the colour to the leaves and birds with a mix of paint sticks and Neocolours, the branches are painted through a fine net and the birds plumage consists of small pieces of silk which are Bondawebbed and then stitched. Beads were added for the berries and the small beads to represent the drops of water  nestling on the leaves and dripping in the forest.


After the Storm


Close up View:

detail after the storm


  1. Beautiful work ! I like your blue birds !

  2. Love it. Beautiful birds and the red of the berries gives it an extra dimension.

  3. beautiful of course i saw you working on this last month, but I could not anticipate the spectacular results. Bravo

  4. It’s beautiful. I love the birds and details.

  5. This is exquisite. When I caught sneak looks at the fabric I had no idea how it would come out. The birds and beading are gorgeous. The piece shows a wonderful attention to detail

  6. C’est une merveille …

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