Helen Hazon – S

S for Snowdrops

Inspiration – my garden and its flowers.

I have chosen my own garden as the theme for the 2020 Letters series.

As the seasons change, so the appearance of my garden changes. The background colours are always green and brown but what a variety of shades there are in just these two. Added to these are the colours of the flowers that bloom in succession through the year.

My plan is to use the confetti method to construct the background for each piece, changing the range of colours included to match my garden at each stage in the year.  The challenge letter for each quilt will be the initial of one flower blooming at that time and showcased in the quilt. I aim to use a different technique for the flowers each time.

This first quilt in the series shows my garden in Winter. There are the dark shades of the evergreen leaves and a variety of browns in the soil and bare limbs of trees. Amongst this dark palette there are splashes of red in winter leaves and berries and, best of all, a few dots of brighter colour where small flowers brave the cold. One of these flowers is the tiny common snowdrop – Galanthus nivalis – that looks much too dainty to be able to survive our low winter temperatures.

The quilt is made from cotton – fabrics, batting and threads – with a polyester net overlay.


Detail views:


Original photos:



  1. Great idea for a serie! And your Snowdrops are simply fabulous!

  2. An excellent choice for the theme. So we will be aware of the evolution of your garden. I like the delicacy of your snowdrops. Bravo!

  3. It will be very interesting to see how your garden changes through the year. Love the precision of your work.

  4. Stunningly beautiful snowdrops on a complex and well constructed background. I love these clean, little flowers pushing up through the grunge!

  5. What inspiration your garden is going to be, I applaud your confetti background what a great idea. Waiting to see the next flower.


    Beautiful embroidery for your snowdrops. Very good idea of using the confetti technique for the unity of the series.

  7. What a nice idea to use your own garden as a theme for this letter series. I love the confetti background and am looking forward to the change of seasons that will show into your next quilts backgrounds. Lovely executed snowdrops and name embroidery.

  8. Beautifully executed snowdrop panel against a background that has all the typicla colours of our winter. It produces a very atmospheric representation of a garden waking up at the strat of the year. Well done

  9. studiociboulette

    Beautiful quilt. I like your choice of flower for the winter month. The snow drop, beautiful details.

  10. This will be a series to look forward to each reveal. Following the changes in your garden is a stunning idea. You did very well on your first piece of the series. Love your background and the delicate stitching on your snowdrops, well done!

  11. Using your garden as inspiration is a great idea. Placing the flower in a frame of sorts wonderfully highlights the image.

  12. The confetti technique is the perfect background to showcase your blooming seasonal flower. Love all the beautiful and delicate embroidery. Well done.

  13. What a great idea. This will be a nice series that shows the changes of the garden. Your snowdrop is very well executed.

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