Helen Hazon – Country – Emblems

Inspiration – the flag of the country and two symbols representing life there.

My chosen country is one that I have visited several times and that I really like. Life there is so very different from what I am used to: very colourful, so much to see and always lots to learn about the people and their customs.

This is, of course, incredible India. I have enjoyed seven holidays in this amazing country, visiting many wonderful sites and also learning about the textiles and embroidery techniques that are traditional in different regions, in cities and in very rural communities.

In my series this year I will be using the same background fabric for all 6 pieces, I will be hand stitching as much as possible using traditional Indian embroidery styles as inspiration.

My design for this first piece takes the Indian flag as one main element and as the source of the orange, green and blue colour scheme for the stitching. I have also included the symbol for Om (or Aum) and the glorious peacock as particularly important motifs in Indian life.

The background fabric was bought in a cloth market in central Mumbai and hand dyed by me to reflect my memories of visiting printers and dyers using indigo in rural Gujarat. All the embroidery was done by hand and quilting was kept to a minimum. The embroidery in this piece is inspired by the Kantha technique. All fabrics and embroidery threads are cotton, quilting is in synthetic “invisible” thread.

Detail views:

  1. Very interesting combination of emblematic symbols of India and beautiful handwork, love it!

  2. Definitely India and your meticulous work! I love this Helen and really look forward to seeing the rest of your series. Your hand stitching is so neat and effective, great work.

  3. I recognized India from the Ashoka wheel but also the other details recall well your country. An interesting and well thought out quilt. The meticulous hand stitching is impressive. Bravo!

  4. I am not familiar with emblems and symbols of India and didn’t guess it right. I love how you even used fabric that came from India, and your hand stitching is just perfect. Can’t wait for your next piece!

  5. I guessed it right ! congratulations for your perfect hand stitching Helen ! This piece is exquisite and well balanced.

  6. I had a guess and was not sure, but given your trips to India, I guessed it had to be. Great design and use of everything Indian.

  7. I didn’t guess it correctly. This is a well thought out composition with meticulous hand embroidery and great attention to detail. Well done!

  8. What a beautiful piece! The stylised peacock is so impressive and I am in awe by your meticulous hand stitching. Can’t wait for your next piece!

  9. I guessed it right, but I know about your love for India, so that helped. I love the composition and all the symbols that you used in combination with the Indian flag. As always your hand embroidery is terrific. Such a wonderful piece and I am looking forward to the rest especially as you mentioned that you will be using the same beautiful background fabric.

  10. Well worked and creative design using the elements of the flag and the iconic peacock. Your hand stitching is beautiful and so precise. I love the way that you have dyed your background fabric as a reminder to the indigo dying you saw on your travels. Looking forward to the rest of your series

  11. Of course India is your country! A great design and wonderful hand embroidery! A great idea to use the same background fabric for all your quilts.

  12. Lovely handwork, I would never have guessed India as your chosen country. It’s one of a few countries I haven’t visited, so i look forward to learning more through your series.

  13. studiociboulette

    I love all your hand work, it is delicate and beautiful. a fantastic way to represent India. Bravo.

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