Chantal Guillermet – Work in Progress

The theme was difficult to work with and finally I’ve chosen to work on a play on word : Work in Progress.

For me progress or progression represents something we tend to reach, something unfinished. That is why the printing on the background is incomplete and the quilting unfinished. For the same reason the embroideries on the biais are unfinished.

The drawings of the staircases represent  a  symbolique image  of our progression in life, private or professional.

Material : hand-dyed fabric, Shiva paintsticks, fabric paint & acrylic paint, wood printing block, lana thread.

Technique : The background fabric was tea dyed first, then put shortly into a diluted magenta procion dye

Block printing with acrylic paint, stenciling with paintsticks for the words.

Mix of hand quilting and free motion quilting. Embroideries on the biais with lana thread



Close up View:

Chantal 15x15 003

  1. Really, really beautiful Chantal.

  2. It’s reassuring to realize that we don’t have to be finished something to make progress! Like your interpretation very much, Chantal!

  3. Chantal, what a clever interpretation, so many ideas were covered in one quilt. Bravo.

  4. joanbrailsford

    What a great idea – and one that chimes with me!

  5. Paulette Meldrum

    Chantal, what a great piece, with some delicate flowers too. You even managed to incorporate perspective as well. Best wishes, Paulette

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