Els Mommers – Happy : Saba Reef

Happy is a reflection of happy moments I experience while diving or snorkeling in the beautiful protected underwater world of our island. Lots of coral and even more beautiful tropical fish.

The background is hand dyed fabric covered with two layers of organza: blue and rainbow . The coral is made of painted tyvek, lutrador and synthetic fabric covered with puffpaste
Fishes, turtle and seafan are hand painted and appliqued on the background. Some 3 D effect I achieved by boiling organza with beads in it. After removal of the beads the bubbles remained and I hand stitched it on. Finally I added some dyed lace and embroidery for the finishing touch.


Close up Views:

happy detail 2

happy detail

  1. Incredible ! so real ! I like your organza bubbles on the bottom.

  2. Wonderful use of colour and mixed textiles, the organza bubbles are great, love it!

  3. There is only one word beautiful, you have captured the essence in colour materials and technique. Bravo

  4. I really love the colours and complexity of texture in this piece. You have recreated an underwater world in beautiful detail. Well done

  5. I like the colours of the underwater world. I am fascinated by your “extended” techniques such as multi-layering and even boiling elements.

  6. Must be yours! Again so many different techniques. Especialy the bubbles are great!

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