Chantal Guillermet – When East Meets West – A very same world

One of my resolution for the New Year was to try to work with shapes and lines from architecture. For this first quilt on architecture I’ve chosen to work from a religious point of view comparing the round and generous shapes of a Russian Monastery with the sharp spike of a bell tower from western churches.

The picture of the Monastery comes from internet, the church one comes from a picture I took of a small Roman chapel in the French Burgundy area. I’ve used the same colours on both sides to show that despite our differences we have a lot in common.

I’ve used hand dyed cotton poplin and linen. The leaves on the top are stencilled with paintsticks and free motion quilted with gold and rayon thread.

For the churches I’ve reproduced my design on tracing paper, free motion quilted it on the top of the paper. Eventually it was painted  with metallic fabric paint and Neocolor II. I’ve also added some stencilling with metallic wax. The poplar tree and the pebbles are made from silk paper.


Close up:








  1. I really like this, Chantal — for both your interesting use of colour, and the compare/contrast approach to the theme.

  2. Lovely subject, I thought the church was the one behind your house! Good use of colour.

  3. Beautiful. I love your idea of using the same colors to show that both religions have a lot in common.


    A very thoughtful work. I like the colours and the lines, the way you made the contrast and similarity speak. And the leaves, reaching for each other…

  5. joanbrailsford

    I like your use of colour and I am interested in the different media and techniques you have used to produce the design. As always, I am impressed by your beautiful machine stitching.

  6. A nice approach of the theme. I like the use of all the different techniques.

  7. Chantal a beautiful interpretation with attention to detail and design. Bravo

  8. Beautiful. The detail on the monastery is lovely. And there are leaves – and a sky – over both.

  9. Chantal, I like the way you have used similar compositions to depict west and east, with the contrast being the architecture. The use of the colours certainly enhances the visual impact.

  10. English quilter

    What a clever interpretation of the theme. I like the way the compositions work together and they way you have used color and techniques to unify the whole. The leaves are very delicate yet realistic. The techniques you chose have worked well together.

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