Genevieve Guadalupe – Decay


As a textile restorer, I am used to have in my hands fragile fragments of archaeological cloth. The deterioration of such fabrics is fascinating and tells many stories. I usually straighten every strand and threads left and saw them in place to try to preserve as much of the piece or garment as it is possible. For my piece Favelas, the process was the opposite. I started with a nice patch made out of recycled cottons, as well as print of a decaying leaf and asked my friend Aisaid to work out his magic of destruction. Washings, rubbings, fire, natural dye with (brazilwood), and several days of work were necessaries to build a decaying fabric. The log cabin pattern and the disorganization of the placement give the feel of favelas.

Materials: natural cotton fabrics and threads, natural dye (paubrasilia echinata), fire, screen printing

Technique: machine sewn, hand dyed, super washed, hand destroyed, water base ink


Close up views:




  1. Very interesting take on the subject. And I love your choice of the pattern – really makes favelas mode.

  2. carolinehiggs

    I really like the way you have interpreted this subject, a great interpretation.

  3. A very interesting interpretation of the theme. Very engaging result. Well done!

  4. I really like how you “destroyed” your piece to make it work with the theme ! very interesting.

  5. I love this very much! Beautiful.

  6. Unexpected (to me 🙂 but very effective!

  7. What a nice result of making and destroying. Love the way you looked at the theme and found your way in it. Beautiful!

  8. A very individual view of the theme. The distressed fabric certainly speaks of Decay.

  9. This is Decay in its purest form. A beautiful way to portray the essence of the theme.

  10. Very unique interpretation. Distressed fabric is very cool. Good job!

  11. This is a great view of the theme. I never thought of destroying fabric, but this is really Decay.
    Nice you added the “leaves”.

  12. joanbrailsford

    Wow, what a lot of work has gone into the aging process of the fabric, but it has paid off with a lovely delicate piece. The colours are just right to indicate decay, and the embroidery adds even more interest. A lovely piece

  13. The log cabin pattern you’ve chosen and the disorganization of the placement give the feel of the neglected and decaying neighborhood in Brazil. Love it and all the techniques out used.

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