Chantal Guillermet – Country – Landscape

L’Isle verte (Green Island)

L’Isle verte is a locality situated along the south shore of the St Lawrence River. The name refers to a nearby Island joined by a seasonal Ferry. My quilt describes a typical view of the Island. I visited friends there several years ago, it was in July but the weather was foggy and rainy and my pictures are not very good.

The wilderness of the place is breathtaking, and if you are lucky whales can be seen on the Saint Lawrence. I worked from several of my pictures and designed the background. All fabrics are hand dyed and are appliqued with a tiny zigzag with transparent thread. From two of my pictures I reproduced 2 houses (the yellow one being the one owned by my friends) using the paper lamination technique. Following the marks on the fabric I free motion quilted the piece, adding a red leaf to repeat my emblem. I will add a red mapple leaf on each quilt of the series. The quilt is faced.

To give you an idea of this beautiful place I added a small vidéo found on UTube.

  1. Wish to be there! Love the mood of this place. Judging from description you nailed it!

  2. carolinehiggs

    Love the choice of colours and stitches to create the wilderness of the area. Great attention to detail as always.

  3. Beautiful design, makes me want to visit. Love the colours and details that you have incorporated into the design.

  4. Maryte Collard

    Your quilt really gives the feeling of vastness and remoteness of the place. Well designed, as always.

  5. Beautiful designs, love the colours. It gives me a desire to travel to see places like this.

  6. studiociboulette

    Beautiful design and your attention to detail in the quilting is fantastic. I love the colors you used. Bravo.

  7. I enjoyed the little video that you recommended about your landscape. What a beautiful place and the way you have translated it in fabric is wonderful. I love how you did the houses with the paper lamination technique. Very well done.

  8. How nice to include that video, makes me want to visit. You are lucky to have seen it! Love your quilt and its colours. The quilting is magnifique as usual!

  9. Your quilt creates a serene mood and has a dreamy quality about it. I think adding a maple leaf to each piece is a great touch.

  10. joanbrailsford

    The houses on your quilt are so typical of ones I have seen in Canada and are beautifully done. I love the way you have depicted the landscape in your design, and the video is a very interesting addition. well done

  11. What a beautiful landscape. The detail is great and the colours are so gentle. It looks just as I imagine that part of the world to be.

  12. Love the layering of color and the quilting in each layer and especially the beautifully detailed homes among the wilderness. Lovely, well done!

  13. I love rough landscapes. Your quilt gives a great interpretation. The way you included the houses is well done.

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