Els Mommers – Time: History and Culture

I love history and different cultures. So when the theme Time came up I immediately got ideas for a culture timescale.

After trying a lot of possibilities I choose for:

PRE-HISTORY : Petroglyph drawings from South America

EGYPT : An Egyptian princess

AZTEC Deity from Mexico

TAPIS DE BAYEUX:  A warrior of the Bayeux Tapestry :  France/England

and as a symbol of modern time a figure of the famous French artist;


These figures are connected by the sun and the moon, since there was no clock in earlier times and they were depending for timing on the shade of the sun.

All figures are placed on an upward gold lame road.

I wanted the background to look a little old/antique and cut small pieces of gold, orange, crème organza and gold lame on black felt. It was stitched in place with satin stitch lines.

In between the lines came different designs of free motion quilting.

Since a lot of historic evidence is destroyed by fire I decided to burn different pieces in the background with a soldering gun and added some brown acrylic paint to give it an antique look.

For the figures I made fabric paper  with cloth and orange tissue paper, painted with bronze metallic paint. I then stitched the outlines of the figures onto it and burned the sides. Next step was to put them on lutrador and stitch over the outline again . I then stitched with monofilament thread on the gold lame road. In the meantime the sides of the road were burned as well.

The sun is made from gold Angelina fiber and the brown moon is made from painted fusible web.

The rays of sunshine are ribbons with the names of the different cultures  machine embroidered on it.


Close Up View:



  1. Interesting and complex, Els!

  2. This is a great idea. I really like your quilt.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Very interesting piece Els, Ilike your historical inspiration and how you’ve mixed different technics.

  4. Els, this is a great concept on how to depict time and very professional workmanship, or should it be womanship. Great work

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