Els Mommers – Monochromatic – BUDDIES

I choose for the color range: orange/brown and rusted fabric combined with some gold lamé.

A picture of my husband and his friend was outlined on freezerpaper and cut into a stencil. I ironed netting from vegetables under the freezer paper (lesson learned: don’t do this with plastic netting!) , printed it onto the piece and printed some gold lettering around it. Echoed the silhouette with paintsticks and outlined with stitching

Embellished with buttons, handmade tyvek beads and handpainted lace.

Material: handdyed and rusted fabric. Commercial fabric. Gold lamé. Tyvek, Shiva paintsticks and freezerpaper. Metallic and handdyed thread.

Technique: Piecing, hand and machine-quilting, stencilling, beadmaking.


Close up View:




  1. I watched this develop on your blog…love the 2 fellows walking into the sunset (sunrise?)…and the unique embellishments.

  2. Beautiful and warm atmosphere ! I like your colours too.

  3. Love the atmosphere your shades create, there is such a lot of detail in this quilt which, at first sight, you do not notice. Thank goodness we show close ups.

  4. Els this is a delight to look at so many elements and of course the feature of your husband and friend is such a playful touch. Cheers

  5. Love the colours, they echo your warmth as a person, love the mix of fabrics ( a bit more rust!) and the different areas and forms of quilting .

  6. Els, it is always great to see how you use different techniques into one beautiful quilt.

  7. What a wonderful use of techniques and materials, and the echo quilting is a triumph. I love this piece.

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