Helen Hazon – A

A for Autumn Leaves

Inspiration – The garden is showing its Autumn colours. Leaves are changing colour and there are some berries. Only a few flowers bloom in November – we have yellow from Mahonia and winter Jasmine, pink from Nerines and Fuchsia and a few golden Chrysanthemums.

Most of the colour in the garden in November is from leaves – the evergreens of course but also the Autumn colours of the deciduous trees. We have large oak and larch trees, a witch hazel and a dogwood that all give beautiful yellow shades. There are also a few reds in the Nandina and Cotinus and in the fruits on apple and holly trees.

The background is confetti pieces reflecting the November garden colours, all anchored with net and free motion quilting. The autumn leaves, some collected on the ground and some still falling from the trees, had veins machine stitched on before being individually attached to the background by just a few stitches.

The quilt is mostly cotton with nylon net.


Full series:

  1. A great way to end your series and one can really see the progression of the seasons throughout your series, well done! The attention to detail on each of your leaves is amazing, I think this is my favourite of the six.

  2. I agree with Caro, your series is a delight and very colourful, the choice of the confetti background was a great idea and holds very thing together. Bravo

  3. I agree with Caro, a nice conclusion for your series ! I am always attracted by leaves and their different shapes , yours are beautiful !

  4. A real autumny piece, your leaves are beautifully detailed. The colours as we all love them in this season. Your series is a joy to look at, well done!

  5. Love all the colours of your autumn piece. Your completed series is such a wonderful garden and a beautiful walk through the different seasons.

  6. This is really autumn! A great end of your series. You see colours come and go during the season.

  7. Autumn colors are my favorite and you have done a masterful job with them in the quilt. The multiple layers of the leaf shapes add a nice dimension to your piece.

  8. A fitting end to your series which has brought the colours of the garden through the seasons into your quilts. I like the way that your confetti technique has drawn the pieces together and given depth to the background. Well done

  9. Your garden is beautiful even in the fall but no surprise you picked up leaves to complete your collection. I wonder if some leaves a real?

  10. Through your series, you have shown us the seasons and colors of your beautiful garden. Your choice of fabrics are perfect for autumn and the leaves give it dimension. Lovely end to your garden series. Well done Helen!

  11. Art quilts for all seasons – beautiful series. Love your garden and the great capture of seasonal changes, great job!

  12. Autumn, with all its beautiful hues, fallen leaves to the ground and the flower garden on the decline. You have summed it up beautifully in this last work of your series. The whole series gives a nice picture of your garden throughout the year, well done Helen!

  13. Helen, you made us travel through the seasons by letting us know your magnificent garden and its evolution throughout the year. Autumn is so fascinating with its colours and your work completes your series perfectly. Well done!

  14. studiociboulette

    beautiful autumn colors. The series looks fantastic. You have a beautiful garden, I love flowers. Bravo

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