Genevieve Guadalupe – Water

Water is a fascinating theme to me since I cannot conceive any part of life without water. Not only does it surround us but we and everything around us is part water. Even though I am very concerned about the environmental water issues I decided to show the beauty of water, with simple lines and the light it reflects.

Technique: pieced background, woodblock print, machine quilted.

Materials: cotton fabrics, poly/cotton fabrics, hand dyed cotton fabrics, poly/cotton threads, poly batting.

Close up View:

  1. Congratulations on your first quilt in the group. Your abstract interpretation is an excellent way to depict the different qualities of water. Was your woodblock one piece?

  2. You enter the group with a beautiful first quilt. The flowing range of colors in your background, the design and the woodblock print of the water ripple, gives it a very strong look. Well done.

  3. I really like this abstract treatment of water and your use of colours is just perfect. Welcome to the group!

  4. This abstract quilt of water is so beautiful. You created a wonderful quilt by using unusual commercial fabrics. I like the way you placed the block print.

  5. I really like how you have pieced the background; the print on the top is very effective and give movement to the piece. Well done !

  6. The perfect matching of the fabrics gives you the real idea of water and the combination of this wood print join the movement at your work.A really interesting idea to represent water. I like it.

  7. Swirling water! Wow! I love the movement. Very nice job!

  8. This piece has real visual impact! I like it!

  9. Your work is absolutely eye-catching! i really like the colors and movement of the work. Good job!

  10. What a beautiful first quilt Genevieve. The colors and stamp gives your water quilt movement. Nicely done!

  11. I love this abstract interpretation, and the way you have used the block print to give movement to the piece. Your colours are beautiful. Well done

  12. A really eye-catching design with the bold printing on the softer background. Lovely ripples.

  13. A really strong visual piece the movement you created is just fabulous.

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