Chris Staver – Old Cellar Door

What came to mind when I first thought about the theme of texture was an old wooden door. I have been fascinated by old doors, windows, and buildings for quite a while now.

I picked a Stonehenge fabric for the door and a reddish fabric for the rusted iron lock. I used oil pastels to shade the lock as well as creating shadows on the door below the lock. The rusting lock creates dark streaks of iron oxide on the wood below the lock  so I added those with the oil pastels. This is the first time I used oil pastels on a quilt and I found them very useful in this project. I also used some Fabrico markers for the cracks in the wood as well as the space between the wood planks. The door was quilted with a variegated cotton thread with browns and green in it.

cellar door web

  1. This piece has a very “rural Canada” feel to it, which endears it to me. Your selection of fabric and the use of the pastels and markers is spot on. Lovely!

  2. I love the simplicity of this piece Chris. I have a passion for old windows, doors etc so this piece really appealed to me. Diana

  3. Chris, wonderful work, I love how you have made the hinge and lock, and agree with Diana what makes it stand out is the simplicity and I also have a passion for old doors etc. Cheers

  4. This is stunning!!!

  5. Beautiful!! Love the wood effect. Helen

  6. Margaret Horton

    I agree with all the above comments – well done!

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