Diana Vincent – Contrast – Choices

Whilst out walking in the bush just recently, we came upon the wreck of an old 1938 Oldsmobile. This set me to thinking about the contrast between the fuel guzzling old vehicles that we used to drive, when resources were plentiful, and the more economical ones that we drive today, now that we are more aware of the impact they have on our land.
I have chosen to contrast this old vehicle with one of the most economical cars available today, the Smartcar.
The Oldsmobile is photo transfer and the Smartcar is buttonhole applique, adding to the contrast with older and newer techniques. The background is painted and the foreground has hand dyed scrim. Finished off with machine quilting.




Close Up View:


  1. English quilter

    Diane—This is a lovely multi-layered approach to the challenge. I am impressed by the variety of techniques you have blended together to create a unified piece.

  2. What a lovely and interesting piece! I like the way you interpret the challenge of contrast.

  3. Diana, this is my favourite from this challenge, your techniques are flawless in the applique and detail on both cars. Bravo

  4. Your quite has a great visual impact ,love the effects.

  5. Wonderful depiction of the theme. Loved the multiple techniques with a smashing final result.

  6. martine Dionis

    une très jolie façon d’expliquer,l’écologie, cela parle , c’est beau, et les techniques multiples tellement naturellement utilisés, que cela parait tout simple à faire, cela parait!!!mais

  7. Diane, what a great interpretation of the theme! I tend to anthropomorphize inanimate objects; as a result, your piece depicts for me the ol’ grandpa and the young whipper-snapper…a powerful message about changing times and changing technologies stated in a fun way. 🙂

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