Helen Hazon – Reflections

While visiting NW India in December we were taken to see a huge, dry salt lake. The scenery was amazing – absolutely flat white salt as far as the eye could see with occasional small puddles where the water had not quite dried up. We were there in early evening ready to see the sunset. As time passed the colours changed. The white salt became grey tinged with pink and lilac, the sky became all shades of yellow, apricot and orange. This is my textile version of that unforgettable scene.

The fabrics used are all silks with rayon thread used for quilting.

  1. What a great experience, the use of the dense stitching is really effective.

  2. A very peaceful feel to this piece and I like the way that you have created the refection of the sunset. Well done

  3. Love the colours and the stitching to reach the sunsets reflection. Almost smell the saltlake. Well done.

  4. You managed to make the effect of the sunset through a perfect and guessed stitch. Well done.

  5. Lovely job. I like the stitching and color work. I like the sun setting reflection.

  6. Chantal Guillermet

    Lovely and quiet piece. I love the delicate colours you choose and your quilting.

  7. Beautiful design and colors. it is such a tranquil piece. Your quilting around the sun and the reflection is so effective

  8. Joan, I love your use of soft colours and the quilting is perfect for this scene.

  9. Helen, so beautiful how you created the reflection of the sun on the dried salt lake. Lovely colours.

  10. Love how you created the reflection on the puddles and the way you used tulle and dense stitching to create depth and texture.

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