Lin Hsin-Chen – Series #1 – Journey Series #1: Memento of France

A brand new year, a brand new start. Seasons change and life thrive. It is a magical atmosphere with joy, challenge and adversity that testing our abilities. In Chinese culture, completing something in a pleasant or satisfactory way, we call it “yuan-man”, which means to round off.

About my Journey series:
I love to collect fabrics that I encounter when traveling. It does not need to represent the local culture. As long as I find the fabrics, thread, buttons, sequins or ribbons interesting, I will collect them. These mementos bring memories and reinforce the traveling experience. It is fun and feasible to apply my long collected materials in my work. Therefore, I might create more than 5 works in the series. It is full of possibilities.

Materials: silk velvet collected during my visit to France, silk, silk thread, beads, sequins, chiffon
Techniques: hand pieced, hand appliqué, crocheted, hand quilted, yoyo


  1. I like the idea of collecting bits and pieces when you are travelling and use your “collection” to start a series as a reminder of the places you visited !
    I also like your choice of bright colours contrasting with deep ones, the use of different textures of velvet and silk, the embroideries. Your quilt is full of joy !

  2. Very nice quilt of collected fabrics during your travels. The colors give you a happy feeling. Looking forward to the rest of your “journey”.

  3. Lin, what a lovely idea to collect and then actually use your momentos collected on your journeys. I look forward to seeing more treasures from different journeys.

  4. A very colourful way to illustrate the ‘threads’ of your memories, collected over time. 🙂

  5. I like the idea using your collected treasures to create a quilt that is full of memories. I love the colours and textures you have used to create a lively, happy piece. I think your series will be very interesting

  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments. I love and enjoy collecting fiber-related materials when traveling abroad. And now I have packed closets (lol). Thanks to the new series, I finally had a chance to look at what I have got and create new works with them. I am sure I will enjoy creating the series, because the treasures always remind me of traveling memories and bring me joy!

  7. What a great way to use the fabrics we acquire on our travels.i love the contrast between the colors and types of colors plus the addition of “trip treasures”

  8. What a lovely piece, and a good idea, using the fabrics from your journeys as a memory trip in series. The contrasting colours and the swirling moves makes it a pleasure to look at, in combination with the nice hand stitching.

  9. Very bright and cheerful and an excellent choice of theme for your series. A great way to remember places visited.

  10. I think we all collect fabrics and related material. What a good idea to put it in a serie. A colourful piece with memories.

  11. What a lovely and memorable way to use your treasures from your travels to France. The combination of your colorful fabrics, threads and beads, makes the quilt flow with texture and movement. This is truly a joyful expression of the ChInese New year.

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