Genevieve Guadalupe – Squares

Migration Flight

I loved this assignment, thinking about squares and the rigidity of them, the angles and the many possibilities to work with squares. I hadn’t really thought of it but most of my quilts are done with squares as a background. For this particular quilt I decided to play with the squares as a static background and give movement to the squares in the foreground simulating the formation of a migration flight. The quilting was done to add more movement to the flight taking away the illusion of squares at first sight.

Materials and Technique: hand dyed tocuyo (Peruvian muslin), cotton batting, poly/cotton thread. Machine pieced and quilted.




  1. What a unique interpretation! So often birds are depicted by triangles…but the flight of square ‘birds’ is a delightful twist, and the stitching is so very well done to show movement.

  2. I really like the movement in your quilting, very effective.

  3. You certainly created movement. I always like a squared ( or rectangled) beackground.
    The way you quilted gives even more movement to your quilt.

  4. I love the way that you have created the movement with your stitch lines, a very striking piece of work.

  5. I admire your ability of graphics shapes that you’ve combined with a quilting that gives the flight movement. Well done.

  6. I like the different colours yellow that you have dyed for your background. To use squares for the migration flight is a very original idea. Beautiful piece!

  7. Stunning, you have brought the humble square to life, the movement throughout your quilt is beautiful.

  8. Love your moving squares. The whole quilt is moving, because of the way you quilted it, well done!

  9. The square bids seem to dance across the quilt. The colours are lovely.

  10. Your design is very elegant. This is a wonderful interpretation of squares—–where they are used to create a completely different theme. The quilt is full of movement, and the quilting lines really enhance that movement and add a lot to the piece. Beautiful.

  11. I like the way that the reducing size of your foreground squares, and their positioning, gives the illusion of flight. You have worked this in a very beautiful way. Well done.

  12. Nice movement and quilting. Elegant work!

  13. Lovely interpretation of squares Genevieve. Your background fabrics enhances the colorful flying squares and the fine quilting adds to the movement of the whole piece. Love it!

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