Bella Kaplan – Country – Flora/Fauna


The plant, which grows in rivers, streams and swamps, lacks petals. Its height reaches up to 4 or 5 meters. The gum has been used in the past as a raw material for making sheets of papyrus paper. The plant was common in ancient Egypt and from it the ancient paper was produced. Ancient papyrus was found in Egypt as early as the third millennium BCE and was used as the main writing material in the ancient world until the early Middle Ages.

Papyrus was an important “gift of the Nile ” which is still preserved and perpetuated in Egyptian culture. Along with the economic uses, it also has environmental value.

The quilt is hand dyed fabric, fused, machine quilted.

Detail view:

  1. Great choice, the colours of the papyrus is complimented by your background, a good choice of fabric and quilting.

  2. Great choice of plant linking to the history of the Egypt. Great choice of colours, lovely.

  3. I love your colours palette and design. You present very well another symbol of Egypt.

  4. Papyrus played a significant role in Egyptian culture and religion, great way to tie it all together. Lovely composition and a beautiful end to your series, well done!

  5. Your work is beautiful and really brings together Egyptian history, culture and nature. Well done!

  6. studiociboulette

    Beautiful colors and abstraction of the plant. I love the concept and energy you display. Bravo!

  7. Beautifully done, your quilt represents an important element in ancient Egyptian Life.

  8. The papyrus plant is definitely linked to Egypt and is therefore obviously a symbol for the flora of that country. Beautiful presentation. Love the complementary batik fabrics and the design. Bravo.,

  9. Chantal Guillermet

    I love your background fabric and the contrast with the papyrus leaves. Your design is very effective and the papyrus leaves are like fireworks !

  10. Lovely colour palette and the sharp shapes of the leaves give a structure that works well, I love your stitching

  11. Lovely colours and what a lot of patience to stitch all those leaves!

  12. Great choice as papyrus is so intertwined with the history of Egypt. Lovely colors and effective design. Great conclusion of your series.

  13. I love the colors of the background and the papyrus. A good execution of the subject.

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