Sheryl Meech – Motion – Windy Wellington

Wellington is one of the windiest places in New Zealand this is due to its position on the edge of Cook Strait the only major gap between the mountains running the length of the two main islands.  As winds are funneled through the passage they become faster and stronger, especially on the northern Wellington side of the strait.  Wellingtonians learn to live with the wind, some claiming they like it.   One positive effect is that air pollution is rarely a problem.  People have been seen in the city clinging to lamp posts in an effort to stay on their feet.

Techniques:  Hand painted background and free motion quilting.



Close Up


  1. I love the simplicity and I know that feeling of hanging on. This motion is cleverly conveyed in your elements in the quilt. Well done.

  2. I like the simplicity too, and the representation of a windy place is very effective.

  3. I can really see that wind blowing, Sheryl. I like this very much!

  4. Beautiful work! I like the motion and lines in your work. It’s an eye-catching piece.

  5. I can feel the wind! I love the way that you have taken the quilting lines from your plants.

  6. There is so much motion in this piece. I love the simplicity with the red jumping out of it.
    Very well done.

  7. I love the simplicity of your design. The quilting is so great, it gives so much extra motion to your piece

  8. I agree with the others that the simplicity of your design is really effective in conveying the feeling of motion. The stitching is delicate yet adds to the feeling of the air and vegetation being moved in the air. Lovely

  9. Yes, Sheryl, I know these winds well. THe motion of the wind is certainly expressed in your quilt.

  10. Wind, clinging to lamp posts, a nice way to describe the motivation of your piece….. And you managed to capture the wind in your quilting. Looking at it I think, oh, that poor, little red flower, how can it be so strong and not been blown away by the wind. Great piece, strong in it’s simplicity!

  11. Wow, that’s windy! A lovely, simple design with so much movement!

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