Cindy Richard – Squares

Window in Time

If I could make time into a geometric garden, it would have 3D perspective and the center would be a garden. All the paths would converge in the garden but the outer edges of the paths would form concentric squares. That’s what I envision…

I made this piece from many 2″ strips that I sewed to each other and then slashed at 90 degree angles. It was as much an exercise in math as it was in quilting straight lines —  a challenge on both counts. Combining the center with Y-seams proved to be the hardest part of this challenge.


Paths converge in a squared window in time

Window in Time_ close-up

Technique: Piecing with Y-seams. The off-centre is appliqued with snippets covered in tulle. I needed some of my voice to shine through…

Materials: Cotton flowery / calico fabrics with cotton batting, cotton and polyester thread, tulle.

  1. A feast for the eyes, Cindy. And I confess, you’re a braver soul than I to tackle those angles!

  2. studiociboulette

    great 3D effect giving focus to the square scene made out of squares….fantastic

  3. It is so nice how you used all the commercial flowered fabrics. The vallue of the colors give dept to your quilt. The technique with the snippets is really good for the centre part. Well done!

  4. A very clever study of perspective, and yes it must have been a challenge to deal with all these angles ! the result is striking.

  5. Fiddly it might have been but the result is very effective. great use of fabrics.

  6. Striking work and great ability to choose the right fabrics.

  7. Your voice clearly shines through Cindy. It is a striking piece with a wonderful 3D effect. Beautiful use of the commercial flower prints.

  8. A cheerful and colourful quilt, great design.

  9. English quilter

    A wonderful example of 3D perspective as well as of squares. You have used the commercial flower prints effectively, and the snippet technique works perfectly to create a colourful garden.

  10. I saw immediately that it was yours Cindy. Lovely way of translating squares. And nice that you used another technique for the centerpiece. Well done!

  11. I love the colours in this quilt and the confetti centre. Good perspective illusion too.

  12. Wow, what beautiful colours and so wonderfully put together to give the perspective of paths leading to the centre. I love the garden idea and your fabrics work so well to give the impression of flowers, as do your confetti pieces in the centre. Well done

  13. What a beautiful and dimensional piece. Your vision of a 3D path to the center of the garden came through. Well done!

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