Paola Zanda – Artist style #4

For this new challenge, I chose the nude. Alberto Giacometti worked a lot on female nudes and the human body. I used the usual minimalist embroidery to propose this quilt.

Colicot cotton dyed in layers with acrylic colours.
Machine quilting with embroidery and sewing threads in cotton.

  1. This a lovely piece of work, the minimalist embroidery works so well for this subject. The subtle colours create a real ambiance. Great work!

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    This piece is striking, well balanced and in harmony with the previous ones ! Bravo !

  3. Wonderful composition and perspective. Love your minimalist stitching.Well done.

  4. Fantastic stitching and composition, your series is amazing, Bravo

  5. Your work is so ninimalist stitching. and the colors you used. Stunning.

  6. Maryte Collard

    Love minimalist approach on your series. It really proves that in the art very often less is more.

  7. Your subtle use of color, along with the high contrast thread makes your piece definitely a Giacometti inspired sketch. Great addition to your series. Well done!

  8. A most beautiful composition with minimalist stitching creating great contrast.
    Very expertly executed! Love it.

  9. joanbrailsford

    A very striking and effective piece, made more so by the minimalist approach. Well done

  10. A very balanced composition made extra effective by keeping the stitching so controlled.

  11. i really like the sketchy style you have used here, in relation to the artist. It is very effective and nicely done.

  12. studiociboulette

    Very Giacometti drawing. Beautifully stitch. I love it!

  13. A great addition to your series. Such a nice drawing.

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