Chantal Guillermet – Elements : Forest Fire

Among the “Elements” I’ve chosen FIRE to describe the fascination it has always had on human beings; but also to show its negative and destructive aspect. I wanted the theme to be related to an environmental subject : because of human carelessness and sometimes fascination, forest fires are a real concern for our environment,   a factor of destruction and desertification. The dark tree skeletons are standing against a smoky background. The flames are eating what is left and gold sparks are floating in the air.

Material : hand-dyed cotton, painted vliesofix, metallic acrylic paint and fabric paint, gold foil, variegated cotton thread and metallic thread (gold)

Techniques : The trees are cut out from painted vliesofix and applied on the background before being quilted and embellished with copper acrylic paint to give like a reflection of the flames. The flames are fused and quilted, then painted with metallic fabric paint. Quilting on the background with gold thread; dots of plastic glue with gold foil for the sparks.


Forest Fire. Challenge Elements 15x15

Close up View:


Forest Fire Challenge Elements 15x15

  1. Very effective I like the 3D effect.

  2. Imaginative and topical at this time of year especially. It certainly evokes the element of danger, beautifully stitched.

  3. This is a beauty. The background fabric selection is perfect to show the billowing smoke. I was intrigued by how the tongues of flame also resembled autumn leaves…which, when they’ve done their work (dying and falling), leave those stark, bare branches in the same way…

    • Thank you Margaret : it is the kind of fabric you know it will be difficult to use, you don’t want to cut it and you treasure it for “one day” …

  4. Beautiful. Love the colours and your painted vliesofix trees.

  5. Chantal you have captured the destructive nature of fire, beautifully executed through the use of paint, foil and quilting.

  6. Belle interprétation d’un feu de forêt, le tissu de fond est parfait; j’aime beaucoup les étincelles et brandons avec foil et fils métalliques. J’aime beaucoup

  7. A really vibrant piece, with lovely colours and shapes.

  8. joanbrailsford

    I love your smokey background and flying sparks in particular. I haven’t come across vliesofix before but it has certainly given an interesting effect for your trees.

  9. Chantal, the background fabric is really beautiful for this quilt. The Trees ans flames are very real. Great work.

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