Eke Krug – A

A from Art Quilt – All kinds of experiments

Inspiration: Upcycle, making something new from a piece that exists. In this series six art-quilts are made from one old damask tablecloth.

This is my last quilt of a series of six, representing letters, corresponding with different textile art techniques. It was a bit strange working on this one, because it is also my last quilt as member of the Fifteen by Fifteen group. Five whole years I joined the group with lots of pleasure. There were so many different challenges, with unbelievable much possibilities to use, the deadlines, reveals and of course, the contact with my fellow members, a group of dear, creative ladies which all have the same love for art quilting. But life goes on, new opportunities are there, more teaching and preparing lessons plus the invitation to join the Colorminds, a group of Dutch ladies, making larger work in pre-arranged colors, which is a big challenge too. So I am leaving the Fifteen by Fifteen group, a new member is already found and I wish Bella Kaplan as much fun and friendship as I found here.

So now to my letter A, it stands for Art quilt and for All kinds of experiments. And this is exactly what I did, I started with needle punching, cut holes in the fabric and embroidered around it, tried to make some darning, to create an ajour effect, found some pieces of synthetic organza, melted down with tyvek and sewed that on and much more. Colored some areias with Inktense blocks, put netting and a glue flower which I used with printing techniques on it and wrote with a textile marker. At last I stitched red cords on top of it all and filled that up with large stitches.

The whole piece is looking like I see the world right now. There is happening a lot, groups of people face each other and each have their own opinion, then there is the quarantine and isolation, grief and fear, but fortunately also hope for change and improvement, togetherness and care for each other, the desire and the will to achieve a more liveable world. This is what I learned as a member of the Fifteen by Fifteen group, to always include my inner world and observations in my art work.

Materials: Damask tablecloth – iron and tea for dyeing –  silk – linen/steel fabric – Mylar – Tyvek – metal foils on the batting behind the holes – all kind of threads – 20/80 batting – cotton backside

Techniques: needle punching – embroidery – hand and machine stitching

Detail views:

Full series:


  1. What a way to go! I am in awe at the amount of stitching and textures that you have managed to fit in to this piece! You have produce a really interesting and harmonious series, we will miss you!

  2. A stunning quilt, I have loved your interpretation of different techniques, materials and ideas. we will miss your vibrant work, all the best with your new endeavors.

  3. Eke each of your quilts was a surprise ! this one has so many details to look at ! and it finishes your series beautifully. I really love the global effect of the 6 quilts together and your harmony of colour. I wish you all the best with the Colorminds group but we will miss you !

  4. Lest best is what you must have thought! So many different textures, materials, stitches, experiments in one piece. The inclusion of text is very interesting to me and forms one of the focal points. I admire the fact that you have made something that represents your feelings of today’s difficult situation in the world. Your whole series is very special and I love the overall colour scheme. We’ll miss your special creativity!

  5. An awesome conclusion of your series Eke. All six together come so harmonious together.
    I admire all your different techniques and especially how you used text in this piece.
    We will miss you and your beautiful work.

  6. As usual a lot of techniques. I like the color scheme you used for the whole series. Sorry to see you leave the group; a lot of creativity at Colorminds!

  7. The multiple techniques you have used here and throughout the series is stunning, and I love all the textures you have created.

  8. Once again a beautiful and intricate piece which is full of interest and different techniques. The colours throughout your series have been caried through each piece to link them well, and there is always so much to see in each piece. Wonderful.
    I wish you well with your new endeavours and will miss your contribution to the group.

  9. What a striking final piece. The colours and techniques ar great and there is so much detail in the design. A splendid end to your series and to your time with us. Well done and good luck.

  10. What an amazing piece Eke! Love how you created so much detail, texture and color with your experimentations, they all flow together as one, you are fearless! Stunning end to your complex and thought provoking series. Wishing you all the best in your new adventure, you will be missed!

  11. The masterpiece, the miracle made out of an old damask tablecloth! Your entire series looks amazing.

  12. I couldn’t wait to see your whole series together as I was sure that it will be glorious! Very strong and cohesive set of the plentiful of techniques, well done!

  13. studiociboulette

    Beautiful art quilt full of surprises, colors and details in the stiches and shapes. I love your series. Bravo

  14. The masterpiece within the masterpiece. It doesn’t look like a series but a single piece. Each piece has its own history and technique but seems to have been specifically designed for the final assembly. I really like it and the amount of techniques and materials you used is admirable. We will miss your creativity a lot. You will surely bring so much to the Colorminds. To fly you have to be daring. Thanks, Eke! I wish you all the best.

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