Chantal Guillermet – Roads – Road Movie

My first idea with “Roads” was to represent speed and the distortion s of the landscape when driving at high speed. That is why I’ve used stripe piecing for the sides of the road.

It is also a glimse to American movies, when all you see through the windscreen during hours is the road like a ribbon and the horizon far away.

Material :

Hand dyed and commercial fabrics – Rayon thread and nylon monofilament for quilting – Fusible web and paint.

Technique :

The quilt is entirely machine pieced. I’ve mixed hand quilting and free motion quilting using synonyms : motorway, highway, route, track …

ROAD MOVIE 15X15 006


Close up view:

ROAD MOVIE 15X15 004


  1. You’ve captured very well the colours of the mountains, sky and speeding landscape — and I really like the quilting on the road which gives great texture to the pavement. 🙂

  2. Well done, a beautiful interpretation. bravo

  3. Your quilting has given the road a wonderful texture. This is something that I wish that I was better at – well done

  4. It is really worth zooming in to see the depth complexity of the stitching, very detailed and wonderful colours!

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