Joan Brailsford – Re-arranged

The Shirt

For this challenge, I decided to ‘re-arrange’ the elements of a shirt – collar, cuffs, buttons, pockets and plackets. The piece is made from scraps of ‘worn and washed’ shirt fabrics, that have been pieced together using raw-edge applique. I added hand-dyed cuffs from an old work shirt, pockets and cuff plackets from old shirts. I drew out collar shapes onto the pieced fabrics, as well as adding a plain fabric collar shape. Since the majority of the pieced background is in blue-ish shades, I wanted to include some colour highlights, so I added a pocket handkerchief, buttons and button-holes in red and I used red to outline the collar shape. I further included a ‘tie’ in commercial fabric and echoed the circular pattern in similar colours as part of the hand-stitched quilting. I echoed the shapes of the collars in machine-stitched lines for part of the quilting and added buttons and more hand quilted circles throughout.


Close up views:



  1. What an original idea Joan. I LOVE it and really like the way you worked it out. So many details and so much to see. Bravo.

  2. Yes really original ! you must have had fun working on it ! I like the result.

  3. What a great idea; it has worked really well and is beautifully stitched.Lovely…

  4. What a great interpretation of the theme. I really like how you used the collar shape for your quilting. The small red details are very well chosen.

  5. Excellent interpretation of the challenge. Furthermore, this leads to the theme of recycling and the origin of Patchwork. Everything culminates in a modern and fascinating art work. I really love it, congratulations!

  6. studiociboulette

    I love your idea. I like working with my grandfather’s shirts and this reminds me of it. Very clever…

  7. This is lovely and fresh and is a very individual interpretation of the theme. Lots of detail too.

  8. Love the blue tone of this piece and the idea of using shirts as a re-arranged motif is brilliant!

  9. Really love your interpretating of the theme and the way you worked it out. All the details are making it a piece of art, great way of thinking.

  10. What a creative way to interpret the theme. It made me smile thinking of all the wonderful memories the shirts holds. Love the red in it. Well done!

  11. Clever idea! Very resourceful. Bravo!

  12. English quilter

    What a brilliant idea. You must have had fun going through the old clothes and the memories associated with them. The mainly monochromatic colour scheme works well. Your creativity comes out well in this one.

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