Caro Higgs – Re-arranged

Indian square dance

All things Indian still inspire me and I am constantly thinking in layers due to the glimpses behind the jali screens, the last piece Woven stories also involved the idea of a fine screen and I decided to develop the idea further in this piece.

Continuing to use the weaving technique of squares to create a piece which is re-arranged, ie I have used the same fabrics to weave my base but I have woven them in a different sequence. It was a great opportunity to repeat a piece of work but in a different way. Reflecting my thoughts of jalis I wanted to have two distinct layers. I have outlined the resist flowers but in blue rather than white to make them less dominant and the emerald green lines of the silk have been overstitched to give more depth of colour. I wanted to quilt the whole, so using a fine metallic thread I have used the resist print as the quilting motif which ties the whole piece together and creates a decorative but subtle jali in front of the woven strips. The inclusion of the silk strips adds a different texture and breaks the blue and white so it seemed right to bind the piece with the silk to to make it a little more dominant.

Fabrics were woven together and then machine stitched to hold them in place. Hand embroidery/quilting was added using cotton threads and then a metallic thread.



Re-arranged : Indian square dance



Detail to show the fine quilting with metallic thread over the background quilting.

Squre dance detail

  1. This quilt has a good connection with “squares”. Lovely quilting!

  2. Excellent realization. A beautiful continuity to the squares theme that can give you the idea for a work in a series. Well done.

  3. Beautiful quilting and a very nice continuation of the “Squares” theme.

  4. Clever idea for working in a series. I like how the quilting repeats the design of the fabric.

  5. studiociboulette

    Very nice Caro and I love that Indian fabric.I wish I could touch it…

  6. I like the idea of working from a previous piece and extending the design process in that way. A lovely use of the fabrics and fine quilting.

  7. A good extension from your Squares piece. The colours are so gentle and are a great reflection of your Indian jail theme.

  8. Great idea and I like the lacey feeling created by the resisted flowers.

  9. Just beautiful. Love your stitching and the emerald silk is like a treasure, hidden in the blue. Nice sequel on your square piece.

  10. The idea of weaving your beautiful Indian fabrics together works well and helps to connect them to your previous pieces. I love the fine hand stitching which reinforces the continuity and elegance of this piece.

  11. Nice woven feel to it. Pleasing composition.

  12. English quilter

    The monochromatic color scheme works well. The idea of weaving fabrics them stitching them is intriguing. The resist flowers are beautifully executed, and outlining them with blue hand stitches rather than white stitches adds to the work’s subtlety and mystique. The judicious use of metallic thread enhances the soft nature of the piece with a small sparkle. The hand stitching is beautiful.

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