Paulette Meldrum – Monochromatic – Sea Patterns

The inspiration for this quilt was the sight, on a very sunny day, of the sea towards Kapiti Island, viewed as the main road descended to sea level along the coastline.  The patterns and colour on the sea kept changing with the movement of a few clouds and a slight breeze to ruffle the water.

An Aqua Procion dye was the best choice for this quilt, with two dye runs, the first of the aqua from very pale to dark, and the second run with the addition of small amounts of black.   I also did a piece of Arashi shibori, using two different strengths of the aqua dye.

After initial ideas were trialled, the pattern was drafted then traced onto freezer paper in numbered sections, and cut one at a time, before cutting the fabric for each section, ironing on the freezer paper, and piecing.  A small amount of commercial fabric was added for highlights.  The final quilting was kept mainly to lines, following any curves where possible.

Sea Patterns1 Paulette

  1. I like this very much…having just spent time watching the ocean off Cuba, I understand completely!

  2. I like these sea patterns ! and how you’ve quilted in several directions to increase the movement. Well done.

  3. You have portrayed your theme so well, love the movement in this piece

  4. This is an eye stopper the fine quilting and placement of the different blues, a great touch with the small dark blue strip that is a great focal point. Cheers

  5. Love the movement you have created not only with the different tones but also with the changes in direction with the quilting. Would love to have that sea view!

  6. I love all the blue tones. Nice quilting lines, all by hand?!

  7. As a lover of blue, this piece really appeals to me, and I am very impressed by the detail you have managed to incorporate with the piecing and quilting.

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