Diana Vincent – Memories – Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women

I have in my possession many wonderful examples of hand embroidery, handmade lace, crochet, tatting and fine needlework. These were made by my grandmother, great aunts and aunts. So I thought this would be a great way of remembering all these beautiful women, all of whom I loved dearly. They passed on many of their skills to me, so I have incorporated some new work that I have made and some of the old pieces that I had. I created the small piece of drawn thread work and hand embroidery, but the tatted lace collar was made by my grandmother, and the doily by one of my aunts. The old photographs were printed on paper coloured with walnut ink, to give them the look of by gone eras. This quilt evokes many wonderful memories of sitting by their side learning to create a new piece of handwork.



Close Up:


  1. What a treasure, Diana. I too have many such items in my possession. You’ve created a beautiful and sympathetic rendition of the theme. Lovely!

  2. Diana, this is a great tribute to the women in your life, I have a similar collection in a small box. Cheers

  3. Diana, I love this especially using items from your grandmother and aunt. What a nice way to put them together to remember the women who made them. It gives me an idea of whar to do with embroidered handkerchiefs that my aunt left me.

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