Paola Zanda – Series #2 – Abstract

With the abstract work, I found myself at ease. My minimalist works on the bark of trees have inspired me easily to realize my abstract sewing machine. I used fabrics, self-hand dyed with the Procion MX colours, and I used the piecing technique to unite the various parts of the project. The quilt was quilted by machine with variegated cotton threads. Using the saturated colours the result is of strong visual impact. The complementary colour inserted is yellow-green that you can find already combined with red-violet.

Used material:

Satin cotton, Procion MX colours, Cotton variegated colours thread and wadding

Keys words:

Abstract, fifteen by fifteen, challenge, series, Procion MX, sewing machine.




Series previous pieces:


  1. A stunning design and very much your signature.

  2. carolinehiggs

    I love this, it is bright and cheerful and the lines and stitching flow beautifully.

  3. Chantal GUILLERMET

    This piece is “you” ! I like how your choice of colours highlight the shape of the sewing machine !

  4. joanbrailsford

    Interesting shapes give this design real impact, and your machine quilting adds more interest. I like everything about this

  5. Your design is really abstract but I can still see the shape of the sewingmachine of your first piece. What a beautiful use of colours. This piece is outstanding and as Chantal said so very much YOU.

  6. English quilter

    This is a very bold piece which stands out. You have done a wonderful job of abstracting the sewing machine, so that there is just a hint of some of its basic shapes. Your hand dyed fabrics are very vibrant, and the straight line vertical quilting adds to the piece’s graphic quality.

  7. A wonderful design Paola, great colours and very effective use of lines. I was wondering how you do it, do you use bondaweb, or are you stitching the parts together before quilting? Really you indeed…

  8. studiociboulette

    Great work. It looks beautiful!

  9. What a beautiful abstract piece! Your quilting is perfect for this piece and really you.

  10. Love the design and vibrant colors you used and the variegated thread brought it all together in the quilting. Nicely done.

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