Paulette Meldrum – Series #3 -Glacier Terminal Face

As the glacier moves down the valley the landscape in the background changes frequently and the exposed walls of the steep slopes show where the glacier has scraped past creating flakes and dust which coats the moving glacier with a fine layer and adds to the top of the terminal face.  The terminal face changes frequently as blocks of ice shear off and form icebergs, which can be snow covered, or clear ice in a variety of blues. The icebergs slowly melt, and sometimes turn over and show linear patterns and colour from being submerged.  The colour of the lake is intensified by the tiny mica schist particles in the water and gives a milky appearance to the water as it exits the lake to flow slowly down through a braided system into Lake Pukaki.

Technique:  pattern developed from my drawing inspired by photographs.  Fabrics used were almost 100% from  my hand dyed stash, with the addition of organza.  The terminal face was cut from one piece of fabric which had developed large “ice crystals” of blue on the grey background, during the dyeing process. The iceberg was made from a combination of materials (also in my Geode quilt) – crumpled tissue paper, which was adherred to pellon with a firm fusible web, then painted.   The final coating was a light spray of Moon Shadow Mist with a turquoise glow.

After quilting, more white paint was added for the snow and coloured pens were used for detail.  


Close up View:





Quits in Series:


  1. Chantal GUILLERMET

    This is such a beautiful piece Paulette ! and you had just the right fabrics to make it.
    I like the unity between your three pieces.

  2. carolinehiggs

    I love the story you are creating, I think that this is the best yet, it is really effective. Well done!

  3. This one reminds me even more of the only glacier with which I am acquainted: the one at Jasper…which has been melting more rapidly in recent decades. Your beautiful piece reminds me of how it looked when I first saw it over 20 years ago.

  4. Thank you for the geology lesson, I would love to see this up close as I am sure the photo does not capture all of the fine details you have put into the quilt. Bravo.

  5. joanbrailsford

    This is a lovely addition to the series, and I like the way that the story is unfolding. Your dyed fabrics are wonderful and work beautifully to depict the colours and textures of the glacier.

  6. What a beautiful glacier you have created. I love the blues that are seen in large ice pieces and here they are in your quilt.

  7. Bravo Paulette. I really, really love this third piece of your serie and the way your story is unfolding. Beautiful technique and icy colors. I am very much looking forward to your next pieces

  8. This one is great, Paulette. Beautiful colors and I love the different techniques you used.

  9. A great piece you certainly have captured the glacier.

  10. This is a lovely depiction of the landscape of the glaciar. You captured it beautifully.
    Well done.

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