Helen Hazon – Series #2 – Architecture in My Travels – Pyramids of Giza

Seeing these iconic structures was a major highlight of our first visit to Egypt. Our hotel was so close that I could look out of our window and there was a pyramid! Equally amazing was seeing the River Nile “in person”.

In this quilt I have brought together these two lasting memories – the imposing majesty and mathematical precision of the pyramids with the quiet beauty of the blue/green Nile. The decorative patterns of lotus and triangles can be seen on many ancient buildings in Egypt – the temples at Karnak and Abu Simbel in particular.

The lotus design provides continuity between quilts 1 an 2 in my series, as does the division of the design into 1/3 and 2/3 sections. I have used bonded applique and machine piecing to construct the design with machine stitching to add definition and decoration. All fabrics used are cotton, the blues and the red are special because they were given to me by one of the Tentmakers in Share’a el Khayamiya in Cairo. Construction threads are cotton and the decorative threads are mostly rayon with a gold metallic.

Close up View

Quilts in Series


Quilt 1                                Quilt 2



  1. carolinehiggs

    A lovely interpretation and what attention to detail, excellent! The way you have only partially quilted the side panel is very effective.

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    A very elegant piece Helen. It shows your maestria with your sewing machine and the perfection of the composition. Your choice of colours is also excellent.

  3. Helen, a well executed quilt in design and technique and the colour just sing. A lovely compliment to your first quilt, I can see this building into a colourful series. Well done

  4. Helen, your unique ability to see and exquisitely interpret the patterns of different cultures is wonderful! I’ve always wanted to see Egypt — especially the pyramids — and the flavour of your piece takes me there. The glint of gold on the lotus blossoms is a clever nod to the opulence of the Pharaohs…Cleopatra herself might be particularly pleased! 😉

  5. joanbrailsford

    A beautifully designed and constructed quilt, which provides a lovely continuity with the first piece in your series. I love the colours and shapes in this piece, which really does have an Egyptian feel. As always, your machine stitching is wonderfully precise, and I am always in awe of the neatness of your work

  6. Helen what a beautiful piece again. We have been to Egypt and the lotus motif is one of my favorites. Your design and the construction of this quilt are again magnificent. Bravo.

  7. Again a technical perfect quilt. Lovely composition an so nice you used the fabric you got from the Tentmakers.

  8. Using the fabrics given to you by the tentmakers is a lovely way to add to your memories of Egypt. I also agree with eveyone else, such perfection!

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