Margaret Horton – Elements – A Mariner’s tale

I struggled with this theme, mainly because I had too many ideas. Unfortunately, my first two attempts did not work out, onto No. 3.

The background is made up of sari silk strips, which have been bonded to a very lightweight background. The colourway chosen was to represent remoteness, a faraway place, where sailors may have stashed their treasurers and told tales of their exploits.

Machine embroidery in the foreground depicting treasurers to be found under the sea and a smuggler’s net with shells collected, which just may contain more treasurers within, a message or a pearl?

Simple, wavy quilting lines to be background and an oversized nautilus for good measure.

An element of romance telling ‘A Mariner’s Tale’.


Close up views:





  1. Love your colours.

  2. What a wonderful tale and it is all there for our imagination to take hold, well done.

  3. I like the composition of your piece, and the way your interpretation of “Elements”

  4. joanbrailsford

    I love the colours of the background, and I think that your quilting really adds a wonderful texture to the piece

  5. Very nice background. I like the quilting at the bottom and the way you made the bigger shell.

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