Eke Krug – Music

Symphony of colors

Inspiration: for me music is also energy and color and it is everywhere.

Thinking about music, I wonder how to catch it. Music is everywhere, you can hear music in the rain and wind, sounds of birds and animals, the sound a crowd of people makes, traffic and trains, and so on. And then there is the instrumental music, classic, rock, folk or blues, each with its own sound.

For me music is also energy and color. Every sound is connected to a color and bringing these together gives a symphony of sounds and colors… that is what made me make this art-quilt. Starting with some small sounds on the background, giving birth to the base tones coming out of the dark in the bottom of the piece. Changing colors and mixing them and ending with the whole mix of colors and glitter, leaving the piece and flow into the air, a symphony of colors is born.


snow dyed/shibori cotton for the background, pieces of silk, wool cotton, linen, all hand dyed, bits of synthetic tulle with glitter and synthetic organza, metallic foil, many different sewing threads, 80/20 batting, cotton for the back of the piece

Techniques: Raw applique, machine stitching


Close up views:



  1. Beautiful piece! Perfect illustration for synesthesia 🙂

  2. Music from far and close by. Music from the sounds of nature and the heart.

  3. Héél mooi Eke!

  4. prachtig Eke, schitterende kleuren weer. mooi.

  5. Beautiful music of color and texture!

  6. Great piece I love the connections between colour and music and the way you have captured them.

  7. Prachtig Eke!


    Interesting interpretation of the theme ! I like how the different colours give to your piece dynamism and rythms.

  9. Wonderful, the colours and design are a wonderful interpretation of music.

  10. love it so rich and so much to absorb. Superb

  11. The color progression in your little quilt is spot-on and very nicely done.

  12. A lot of different materials. The bright colors make you happy.

  13. studiociboulette

    Beautiful quilt. I hear the sound of water and fire in your piece. I love it!

  14. I love this piece. The colours shapes and textures are perfect and every time I look at it I see more interesting areas. It really does remind me of the movement that music creates. Wow

  15. I love the idea of musical notes being seen as colours. This is an interesting design with lots of deayail and food for thought.

  16. I immediately recognised this as your work Eke. Full of color, beautiful stitching and a strong composition. Well done.

  17. I can see and hear your symphony of music softly dancing from one color to another through the air as it crescendos into the stronger colors. Lovely interpretation, well done.

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