Helen Hazon – Monoprint – Red Flowers

Red Flowers
I decided on a very simple, one-step paint transfer for this piece but did manage three colours together.
The idea of the flowers came from a visit that we made to see Indian textiles at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
Some of the pieces there had amazing printed designs of lovely red blossoms in symmetrical patterns repeated over large areas.
I couldn’t hope to achieve the detail and precision of these so I chose to paint very childlike flowers in the same lovely bright colours.
I added lots of machine stitching to give pure colours and lots of texture.
The background fabric is a piece that I had dyes with indigo using a simple knotted shibori technique.
The threads for the stitching are all rayon because they are bright and shiny.
Close up View:
Helen 2
  1. English quilter

    I love the cheerful flowers and the clever use of machine embroidery stitches and thread painting to enhance the flowers.

  2. I admire your ability to print such a crisp image in 3 colours!

  3. Great inspiration (I just loved that exhibition and also the little flowers!). You have managed to produce very clear lines which are enhanced by the machine quilting.

  4. http://ekeskleurdesign.blogspot.no/

    Nice colours an flowers, fine stitches, and a beautiful background, looks like the sun, reflecting in water.

  5. A lovely clear print and simple design is enhanced beautifully by your machine stitching

  6. I love your indigo dyed background. Your crisp flowers really stand out on it. Beautiful machine quilting and embroidery.

  7. I love simpel flowers and yours are beautiful. So is the treadpainting and embrodery.

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