Helen Hazon – Country – Flora/Fauna

Inspiration: the beautiful lotus flower and the iconic elephant, both important in the history, art and culture of India.

The decision for one part of my design was easy – elephants! These have always been my favourite animals and I have built a huge collection of them over many years – I think I now have around 900! Elephants have appeared in many aspects of Indian life for centuries. I have chosen to show them plain grey and beautiful as they are seen in the wild and when employed in farming or forestry. My large elephant is dressed for ceremonial duties.

Choosing flowers was a little more difficult because there are so many wonderful varieties in India. I decided on the pink lotus because it is beautiful and because it is a motif that has been used in many paintings, fabric designs and religious icons throughout much of Indian history.

In making this quilt I kept all the constants of my India series – fabric, threads, stitches – and added the traditional shisha mirror motif with sequins and beads for sparkle. All fabrics and threads are cotton.

Detail views:

Original photos:

  1. Great choice, like the contrasting fabrics and design placement of the flowers with the elephanst.

  2. India wildlife wouldn’t be right without elephants! Beautifully done with the addition of the lotus flowers, lovely stitching as always. Great work.

  3. Love the objects of your choice and the composition, very well done!

  4. Perfect representation of India and a lovely end to your series. Amazing!

  5. India and elephants, what else! The lotus flowers enhance the beauty of your quilt. Well done as usual.

  6. You done well with the motifs that characterize India.lovely stitching and colors.

  7. studiociboulette

    Beautiful attention to details with the embroidery. It speaks India. Bravo!

  8. Your embroidery always fascinated me. The variety of stitches and the perfection of craftsmanship. Love it as I loved your other quilts from this series.

  9. Beautiful design. Of course elephants! Your embroidery is perfect as usual. A lovely series!

  10. I love elephants too, and they way you have worked them into your design is really well done. Your stitching is beautiful, as always, and the delicate lotus flowers balance out the elephants! Well done

  11. Chantal Guillermet

    Beautiful stitching and embroideries ! India would not be India without the elephants !

  12. I am always in awe of your embroidery. Again a beautiful piece. I love your “dressed” elephant.

  13. Such beautiful embroidery of the pretty lotus flowers and shisha mirror motifs. A lovely piece.

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